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Afterschool Tutor-Coordinator (Chinatown / Lit Italy)

Date: Wed 14 Aug 2013

A small community organization seeks an After-school Tutor-Coordinator to work weekday afternoons (2:30-8:00P or 8:30P) and Sa or Sun (9:30A-3:30P or 2:30-7:30P) during the academic year, Sep thru’ Jun. The candidate should ideally be a college student or entry level graduate; high school seniors with work experience may also apply. This position is for those who are prepared to learn the ins-and-outs of teaching/tutoring grade and middle school levels, lesson planning and administration of classes and events including scheduling, facility maintenance and day-to-day customer communication, sales and fee transactions.
Upon acceptance 10 half-days’ training will be provided (2 non-paid and 8@$25 per diem) and a contractual commitment of minimum 21 weeks is required: Depending on the individual’s availability, the candidate may be hired as an Intern or a Part-Time Employee: An Intern will commit to a 4-day schedule, serving 25-27 hrs a week and receive a weekly stipend up to $206. A Part-Time Employee will commit to a 5-day week serving 31-33 hrs a week and compensated at $8 per hour.

This internship is ideally suited to undergraduates or graduate students in the field of social work, education, and public administration. This position should also be a rewarding experience for someone who is oriented to arts and education and driven to connecting with the Asian-American community, someone who is ready to multitask and commit to a highly interactive work place. This work is many-faceted, human oriented and rich in content. We seek someone who would be fired with enthusiasm and at the highest energy level from day one. The right intern will stand to learn and benefit much from this work and establish wide connections and a long term relationship with this center. Strong preference is for someone who could commit to a minimum 1 year service, based in NYC and speak fluent English plus some level of Mandarin and/or Cantonese. It is not necessary to be literate in Chinese but you need be a STRONG READER IN ENGLISH to be effective in this job. Please do not apply if you speak no Chinese at all as we are in the heart of Chinatown and simply need to cater to a large Chinese speaking clientele.

Send resume with a clear statement as to why you believe you are suited to this position.